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Santa is trying something different this year and is enlisting all the elves to create a new Massive Multiplayer Online Game for all the girls and boys. Demos have gotten tough reviews and there is a lot of work to be done before Christmas.

Lucky the Reindeer and his friend and Elf, Herbert, Leave Santa’s Workshop out of frustration because they feel like they don’t fit in and are not included in the round of development. Heading out to look for the one place that will accept a geek for who he really is, they travel in search of the Island of Misfit Geeks.

Will they find the Island? Will Santa be good to his word and get a good game out in time for Christmas?

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A couple of Podcast domain names for sale

Back in 2004 when podcasting was starting I bought a couple domain names that I was hoping to build in to a community project. But it never really took off and plenty of others quickly filled the web. I since pretty much forgotten that I even had the domains until I was looking through my Dotster account recently. I have no need for the domains but believe they have some value, so I’m looking at selling them. I’m not setting a price, but would like to hear offers.

If you have any interest in the domain names, please contact me and let’s see if we can work out a fair price.

A podcast that reboots my iPod

Yesterday I subscribed to a new podcast in iTunes. I synced up overnight and allowed the iPod to fully charge. This morning I undocked and wanted to listen to the new podcast, but every time I try to play one the the podcasts, my iPod reboots. It happens on every one of the shows I downloaded all episodes from this podcast(about 9) that were available. If I choose a different podcast, everything works normally. Weird. The podcast in question is The Linux Action Show which I learned about through digg yesterday. The show does release in ogg and mp3 format and I verified that the files downloaded are the mp3 ones. Anyone experience this? Or better yet, know why it is happening?

Update 1: Found this. It might not be a problem with podcast, but it is the first podcast I subscribed to since I updated to iTunes 7.02

Update 2: Seems to have something to do with the EQ. Read the comments

Word Of The Day: PodCasting

I’ve only heard this word for the first time late last week via Kevin’s blog, after he released his first podcast. I was quick to say that the idea of this didn’t make a lot of sense. That was, until I decided to do a little research.

Here’s some sites I used to get a better understanding of what this technology is, and what it might become.

What is podcasting?

How can I receive podcasts?

Now that I have iPodder, where do I find podcasts?

Personally I think the naming is bad, without knowing, it sounds like you need an ipod to make podcasts or to listen to podcasts, which isn’t true. Right now I’m using ipodder to get some feeds, and then I just use winamp to listen to the mp3 that it downloads. However if this concept really takes off and there starts to be great content available, I just may have to buy some portable device.

What’s everyone else’s take on this possible new internet phenomenon?