About Me

Q. What kind of equipment does cdavis.us run on?

A. For a long time this site was hosted on a Debian server out of my house. Now is hosted on space provided by my company, Badger IT Solutions, LLC.

Q. If this is suppose to be a journal outlining your basement remodel, how come there’s no talk of the basement remodel?

A. Since I started the remodel project, we’ve gone on to have a total of 3 children. If you’ve ever had one child you know what becomes of free time. Now multiply that by 3. However, since we’re now out of bedrooms, I have no choice but to get back in gear and get some more room made in our house.

Q. I’ve heard a rumor that you love to shovel snow, is that true, and if so, are you nuts?

A. Why yes it’s true. I love snow. While I don’t mind shoveling the stuff, I’d much rather have enough snow to warrant using my Ariens snow blower. Did I mention I love snow?

Misc Facts:

  • Linux User #427215
  • No longer married
  • 3 Kids (One set of twins)