A couple of Podcast domain names for sale

Back in 2004 when podcasting was starting I bought a couple domain names that I was hoping to build in to a community project. But it never really took off and plenty of others quickly filled the web. I since pretty much forgotten that I even had the domains until I was looking through my Dotster account recently. I have no need for the domains but believe they have some value, so I’m looking at selling them. I’m not setting a price, but would like to hear offers.

If you have any interest in the domain names, please contact me and let’s see if we can work out a fair price.

2 thoughts on “A couple of Podcast domain names for sale”

  1. Harold, I remember your original post. I just this year, finally gave up on the domain names. I’ve been holding on to them for long enough. It was obvious I wasn’t going to hit a gold-mine with them, so now someone else can get them and maybe make something of them.

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