A podcast that reboots my iPod

Yesterday I subscribed to a new podcast in iTunes. I synced up overnight and allowed the iPod to fully charge. This morning I undocked and wanted to listen to the new podcast, but every time I try to play one the the podcasts, my iPod reboots. It happens on every one of the shows I downloaded all episodes from this podcast(about 9) that were available. If I choose a different podcast, everything works normally. Weird. The podcast in question is The Linux Action Show which I learned about through digg yesterday. The show does release in ogg and mp3 format and I verified that the files downloaded are the mp3 ones. Anyone experience this? Or better yet, know why it is happening?

Update 1: Found this. It might not be a problem with podcast, but it is the first podcast I subscribed to since I updated to iTunes 7.02

Update 2: Seems to have something to do with the EQ. Read the comments

2 thoughts on “A podcast that reboots my iPod”

  1. I think that is has to do with the podcast being a mono file. This has been going on for a while now.

    Email me and I will see if I can point you in the direction of more information…I believe that if you turn off the EQ on the iPod all would be good.

  2. I turned off the EQ and went to play the podcast, instead of rebooting, it just locked the iPod. I had to reset it, which turned the EQ back on and in turn caused it to reboot when I tried to play the podcast. I turn off the EQ, again, played a podcast that has always played fine and then tried the new podcast and it started playing.

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