Word Of The Day: PodCasting

I’ve only heard this word for the first time late last week via Kevin’s blog, after he released his first podcast. I was quick to say that the idea of this didn’t make a lot of sense. That was, until I decided to do a little research.

Here’s some sites I used to get a better understanding of what this technology is, and what it might become.

What is podcasting?

How can I receive podcasts?

Now that I have iPodder, where do I find podcasts?

Personally I think the naming is bad, without knowing, it sounds like you need an ipod to make podcasts or to listen to podcasts, which isn’t true. Right now I’m using ipodder to get some feeds, and then I just use winamp to listen to the mp3 that it downloads. However if this concept really takes off and there starts to be great content available, I just may have to buy some portable device.

What’s everyone else’s take on this possible new internet phenomenon?