Help me pick a new WordPress theme for my company site

I’m looking for some opinions. One of my 2014 company goals is to learn a little bit about marketing in order to start increasing my business. I’m going to start with improving my website so my online presence looks good and provides some actual information. My objective this weekend is to choose and install a website new theme. Attached to this post are 4 photos. One is my current website (Ugly, broken images, not much info), and following it are 3 WordPress themes that I really like. Take a look at all the images and let me know which theme you like best via comment or message me.

Thanks so much!!

Screenshot 2014-02-15 07.55.31Screenshot 2014-02-15 07.51.13Screenshot 2014-02-15 07.51.24Screenshot 2014-02-15 07.51.30