The unthinkable has happened

I’ve done it, I’ve gone and ordered an Android based phone. A Nexus 5 to be specific.

I have 2 driving reason for this major decision. A) I feel Apple missed the boat by not releasing a larger screen iphone last year. (I want a slightly bigger screen). And B), I really want to move from my $100+/month verizon plan to something way more affordable. So, with this one purchase, I’m satisfying both needs.

I’m no Apple lover, but the iphone is where I started in the real smartphone world and am completely comfortable in it. Frankly, and this may come as a shock to you, but the Apple ecosystem works very well for me and my household. I use itunes as my media library, and own an iphone, 2 ipads, and 2 Apple TV’s. Plus my kids all have 4th gen ipods. Also the 2 AV recievers in my house support Airplay, and I use that feature A LOT! The way everything works together is quite impressive. I know there is a ton of itunes hate out there, but it works really well for me and has for years.

Odds are pretty good that Apple will release a larger iphone this year, but here’s the thing, It won’t be available on the alternate carriers right away (if at all). So if want a large screen now and want to pay less for service, Android is my only real option.

I have tons to say on this subject but don’t want this to be a ridiculously long post, so be sure to check back for more as this new chapter begins.

2 thoughts on “The unthinkable has happened”

  1. You are not alone. My boss and his son moved from iPhone to Android and they were die-hard Apple fanboys. The drop in Apple marketshare says this is common. Unfortunately their visionary is gone, and they don’t have anyone that is able to hold the company to the the standards that they have held for the past decade.

  2. Thanks for the comment Chris. I agree with you. Will be very interesting to see what they do with this years release. If it is not something completely mind blowing it terms of hardware and software, I think their ship is sunk. For a lot of people, myself included, we’ve already jumped that ship.

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