‘Best Of’ Duane Gay CD

Last month I posted about the passing of Duane Gay. While listening to Lazer this morning I heard confirmation on what I believed they should do, and that is release a CD with ‘The Best of Duane’.

It’s still in the planning phases, but they are saying that it will be a double album and expected to be released near the end of June. It is going to be a limited run though and to guarantee receiving one pre-orders are already being accepted.

While it’s not clear where all the proceeds made from the sales are going, this is listed on the order page: Thanks for your support of the Duane Gay Memorial Fund – 3913 W Gale Circle, Waterford, WI 53185

I’ll be placing my order today when I get back to the office.

12 thoughts on “‘Best Of’ Duane Gay CD”

  1. Hey. I’m looking for a copy of the Duane Gay CD. I missed the original sale period (obviously). Am willing to buy a used or new copy. My husband and I are from Milwaukee but now living in CO (thanks to the Army). Let me know if any one is willing to help out a person that misses real DJs.


  2. As per Becky’s post, I too am looking for the Best of Duane Gay CD. Email reply or call 262-644-0078 in Milwaukee area. Dumb butt me for not getting this cd when it came out.

  3. I have this double CD with me at the moment. It’s one of the funniest and best CDs from the Bob and Brian show. Duane’s stories are great! Maybe I can help you all get it?

  4. If anyone has the Best of Duane CD set, I would be happy to discuss buying, trading sharing or whatever works. I would love to hear that. Duane was such a Milwaukee asset and he is well missed today.

  5. I have the CD. It is something that needs to be shared to all who knew him and his stories.
    Contact me if you would like one.

  6. I’m another fan of the show that has moved out of state a few years ago and would be interested in picking up a copy. Every time I see a parade, I think of his story about the time he was asked to participate in the West Allis Western Days parade. At one point the crowd erupted into cheers and he thought “Boy, I’m big in West Allis” only to be corrected that the crowd was reacting to one of the horses who just “bulls-eyed” a chalk circle drawn on the street.

    Any information on accquiring a copy of the set would be appreciated. Thanks!

  7. I really want a copy f that CD, Ive been following him as well as B&B for years! pleaze help 414-403-5146

  8. I bought this set when it came out, but misplaced Disc 2. If anyone has this set and is interested in selling, trading, sharing let me know. I have all the BnB albums since “Tahellwitchoo.” @HungryMan_WI

  9. Anyone has this I WILL buy it!!! and Jim ironically enough I only have disc 2 and I’m missing the case and disc 1. Again if you want to sell this cd i WILL BUY IT!

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