Almost a good day on the road

I was on the road all day today visiting clients. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the road for the whole day. I had a nice drive out to my destination, which is mostly country road driving. Then a nice lunch at Jimmy Johns, they even remembered the avocado spread on my #12 this time. Then stopped next door for a white chocolate mocha. Everything was looking good for me getting out of Mchenry County before rush hour, but then I got a page from the boss as I finished up lunch. He needed me to head to another client in the area to update their AV software and licensing. They’re located so far in the boonies that their Internet access is only dial up:(. I took me an hour and a half to make the updates I needed. This put me at driving home through the heart of Mchenry at just after 4pm. All I will say from here is that the entire ride home sucked! I’d especially like to send thanks to the classy lady who flipped me the bird for trying to pass me and the semi in front of me, but then realizing she didn’t have time to also pass the semi, thus slamming on the brakes and squeezing in between me and the semi forcing me to brake heavily. I’m still unsure how any of that escapade should of resulted in me getting the bird, unless she saw me shaking me head in disgust and that offended her.

So like I said, it was almost a good day.