What to do tonight??

It doesn’t feel like new years eve today. We’ve been really busy doing family stuff and hit a few stores today. I’ve started picking up some hockey equipment(more on that in an upcoming podcast).

Now as we’re getting ready to put the kids to bed, we start our usual routine of figuring out what to make for supper. I’m thinking frozen pizza. We did good for lunch today. I grilled a couple of nice steaks, also grilled up some broccoli and yellow squash, and we had some left over baked potato soup from last nights supper.

We’re not partyers, so we won’t be getting smashed tonight. I’m curious if our neighbors will be obnoxious, they’re new this year and they like to whoop it up, so we’ll see if gets crazy over there. I’m sure we’ll be asleep before the stroke of midnight.

Maybe throw in a movie we haven’t seen in awhile.

Oh well Happy New Year everyone. Be Safe. See you next year.