A nice day

Yesterday, I took a half day off of work and we arranged for my parents to watch all the kids, and the wife and I got to go out for a nice afternoon and evening.

First we went to the movies and saw the Harry Potter movie. The last movie we saw at a theater was The Grinch, so it’s been awhile. The movie was really good, IMHO.

Then we went out to dinner, we weren’t sure if we wanted to go to Chili’s or someplace we’ve never been yet. We opted for Texas Roadhouse which has been around for awhile, but we’ve never eaten at. I had a Portabella Mushroom Chicken dinner and my wife had a Sirloin Tip dinner. Mine was excellent and my wife said she enjoyed hers as well. So dinner was a hit.

Well, then we decided to hit a couple of the local malls to walk off the huge dinner. With full intentions of making the evening about us, we found ourselves in a kids clothing store buying outfits for all the kids, then at a toy store buying an expandable tunnel for the kids, then at another kids store buying more clothes for the kids. Then we stopped at Target so my wife could show me some stuff she was thinking about getting the kids, and I bought my son another matchbox car.

By this time it was a little after 8pm, and was time to head home. And while it was great to spend some quality alone time with my wife, it was great to be home and play with the kids for little bit before they went to bed.

Hopefully we can do it again real soon.