Slackware, Debian, Slackware, Debian….

The story of my life when it comes to Linux. I just can’t decide what to use. Right now I’m using Debian on a computer at home, and it’s(was) working quite well. I used the new(still in beta) Debian Installer to get a base Sarge install complete. Sarge is what�s known as Debians testing branch. It’s pretty stable and contains much newer packages than their stable branch.

Normally I just use Linux for LAMP stuff and never install any X packages, but last night I wanted a GUI. So I ran through and apt-getted X and Gnome. Much to my amazement, it worked on the first shot.

But to my disappointment, even in Sarge for a desktop environment, the packages are too out of date for me. I want Gnome 2.6 and Gimp 2 and such.

So I felt brave and changed my apt sources to unstable and performed the ‘ol dist-upgrade and it broke everything when one of the upgrades failed.

Ah well. You can’t really learn anything if everything always works perfectly, right? I’ll try some more stuff tonight.

Update: Well, I guess I’m wrong. I redid a system again today installing Sarge, and after successful installation of gnome, it appears it is 2.6. Nautilus shows version 2.6.3. What was I looking at last night? Gimp is still version 1.2 though.