Why and how to drive slower

Zenhabits has posted a great entry called 5 Powerful Reasons to Drive Slower, and How to Do It. I’ve been a ‘slower’ driver for years, and I can attest to some of the reasons to drive slower, the big one being save your sanity. When I’m driving, not worried about how soon I will get someplace, or being the first car in a group, I actually enjoy my time behind the wheel.

Also, looking at the list, I think ignoring other drivers is the number one easiest way to drive slower. It seems most drivers are in some unspoken contest with all other drivers around them. This invisible competition makes people drive faster and more aggressive.

Anyways, cool article and worth a read. And next time your on the road, keep it in the right hand lane, let everyone else pass you and enjoy the drive for once. You really won’t get there that much later!