Alright Linux dads or moms, I need your help

Ok, so I’ve installed Linux on the new Dell, but I’ve already ran into a road block. Since this is suppose to be a family computer and I want my kids to start using it, I need some pre-school style games. Now since I’m choosing to run Linux on it, I can’t run the few games I picked up at the store.

I need some guidance on edutainment style games. I’ve been scouring the internet all morning but I’m coming up empty handed. I know there’s got to be something out there. I’d hate to have to go back to Windows already. But I am starting to think that dual booting might have to happen.

Games that focus on alphabet, counting, and phonics would be perfect if anyone can suggest something.

3 thoughts on “Alright Linux dads or moms, I need your help”

  1. Drop a line to Dan over at the Linux Link Tech Show… he mentioned in one of their podcasts that he was maintaining some kind of list of educational software. Worth a check.


  2. You could always use the Internet to find some. I work at the Ontario public broadcaster and you can find good games for all age groups which have well thought out educational objectives at – no ads or objectionable material.


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