Finally, a justifiable reason to buy a new car

From engadget via digg:

GM adds line-in jack to their cars

We’ve specifically asked for this as a stock-feature before, and it’s about freaking time car companies added it: it’s called a line-in jack, and it basically allows the end-user to jack in any kind of audio player they may have, regardless of proprietary interfaces—sounds totally crazy, right? Like, seriously, who would think to do such a crazy thing? Well GM’s adding them to 2006 Chevy HHRs, Impalas, Monte Carlos, Saturn Vues and Ions, Pontiac Solstices, Buick Lucernes, and Cadillac DTSs, so we guess they did. See guys, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Well, I really can’t justify buying a new vehicle, but this is nice to see.

One thought on “Finally, a justifiable reason to buy a new car”

  1. this is the new version of including a tape deck right?
    Wish my current car had something like this (or a tape deck!). My next car has a criteria of either a linein OR a tape deck for this reason – those radio transmitter options are pretty naff (and illegal in the uk)

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