My 2005 Goals

I was going to do this in a podcast, but I just haven’t had the time yet this week to make it down to ‘Studio B1″. Been working 12 hour days, and now with all the snow, I’ve been outside shoveling a lot. So in no particular order, here is my list of 2005 goals. I don’t like to the word resolutions, as it feels to obligating :).

– Healthier lifestyle. Workout more, eat fast food less
– More one on one time with kids
– Blog more. I want a better picture of my events of a year
– Bye bye Microsoft. Convert server and workstation to Linux. Bring in a Mac for Digital photography. I can’t convert laptop because it’s my companies. Building a kids computer sometime this year.Linux or Windows? I’m thinking Linux!. Wife’s laptop, can she run Linux or is she a slave to Windows. She will have to decide that one on her own.
– Better task management. Getting organized. Internal web site, wiki, calendar
– Get Kdawg blogging and/or podcasting