Up early this morning

I’m not a morning person. Usually I’m rolling out of bed around 8 am to be to work at 9. And my wife isn’t any better at waking up before 8 either. Well, starting this coming Monday, my son is starting some schooling and he needs to be there at 7:40am. Yikes! We’ve known about this for a few weeks now and have wanted to start prepping ourselves by getting in the habit of waking up early, but we just haven’t done it. So today, I awoke at 6am and it feels good so far. I think what makes it so hard, is because it’s still so dark at that time.

Now it’s a little after 7 and everyone in the house is still asleep. I’ve already had one cup of coffee, read the newspaper, and am up on current world events because I’m also watching the morning news. I guess I should go wake Brandon up, so he has a few days to get used to waking up before 8 also.