Great start to my farmers tan!

I like when the weathermen are wrong in the instance in this past weekend. It was predicted at cool temps and nothing but rain.
However, the weather was the exact opposite. Nothing but sunny skies, and warm, if not hot temps.

So what was accomplished? Got the yard mowed for the first time. Went to Ace and bought an edger, and got the yard all edged up. Broke out the rototiller ran it through the garden. Filled some low spots with topsoil and seeded.

What else? Friday night went to a park down by the lake with the family and had a blast. Saturday, went for an early long walk which included some rummage saling and another visit to a park. Had a blast. Sunday, packed the family up after breakfast and started heading down to the lake park, but we could feel the temperature dropping as we got closer, so we changed direction and went to my parents house. Went to the park by their house, plus they got a load of play things for the kids in their yard too, so guess what? We had a blast!

Great weekend, with a lot accomplished.