Victim of a drive-by soaking

I was in beautiful miserable, rainy dowtown Chicago today, and the weather was anything but pleasant. It wasn’t raining this morning when I got on the train so I never thought about bringing an umbrella. When I arrived downtown it was a different story. I thought ‘Oh Well, so I get a little wet walking to my client’. It’s really not a far walk, but within a few blocks I was fairly drenched. I walked past a little newstand so I popped in to see if they had umbrellas. I was in luck, not only did they have them but they wern’t nearly as expensive as I thought they would be. I handed the nice cashier some money and started heading for the door. I try to open the umbrella after I get outside and the frigg’n button doesn’t do anything, It’s Broke! With a little persusian I broke the button, but was at least able to open the umbrella manually. I made it to the client with only being mildy drenched, but that’s not really the point of this post.

Later in the day, I had some downtime so I decided to walk somewhere to get some lunch. So here I am walking up Lasalle St with my umbrella, staying dry, when a f’ing cab going by was hugging the the curb and (I’m sure purposely) hit a pothole filled with water. And just like the movies, I got hit in the side by a wave of water. I was soaked on my right side from the armpit on down. I just couldn’t believe that happened. Fortunately it was well after the normal lunch time so I was able to easily get in somewhere and hang out long enough for my clothes to dry out a bit. On my walk back, I made sure to stay as far away from the curb as possible.