Amazon releases the Fire TV set top box

This morning Amazon announced the Fire TV set-top box and I’ve already ordered one. At $99 it’s not a huge investment, and I’m very curious if something is capable of taking over the Apple TV in my household, which I use daily and like a great deal. My biggest complaint against the Apple TV is that it doesn’t support Amazon Prime content. Well, the Fire TV supports Amazon Prime content obviously, as well as pretty much everything else I use the Apple TV for. The big question will be what it does for local content. Right now the Apple TV connects to iTunes that I have running on a computer and where I keep all my ripped DVD’s and digitally purchased content. As well as a few video podcasts I watch. It does look like the Fire TV¬†will work with Plex, so I may have to investigate that option. That’s all I got on it for now. Should be here in a couple of days and I will report again as I mess around with it.