Windows Server DNS question

Using the internal DNS server(Windows 2003 Server), can I point a single URL from a legitimate domain to a certain IP address, while leaving all other variances of that domain pointing to their existing location?

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for. needs to route over the internet needs to be routed over an internal VPN connection

Can it be done?

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  1. Of course you can – depending on the dns server, you may just be able to put the ip address in your hosts file on the server. I think this is what I did to block – added the entries to our dns server. Alternatively just create a new dns zone for the domain – as long as forwarding is on, the rest of the traffic should get forwarded out.
    It gets more difficult if you want to transfer leaving other subdirectories intact though…

  2. Thanks Andy! That’s what I figured. I didn’t want to add a DNS zone for this domain as I didn’t want to break any current connectivity to it. This client spends 95% of it’s day attached to their services.

  3. As soon as I added the zone, no one could get to any of the domains they needed to. I had to delete the zone.

  4. I tend to think this is not possible, because as soon as you enter the dns into the windows server, your clients are going to be looking at that server to resolve ALL records for that domain. I’ve run into the problem before and never found a solution, other then relocating your dns server into a dmz outside of the internal network.

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