Just in case the site goes unresponsive

Here’s a heads up. I have many(I think 5) domains that all point to here. I’m trying to make a few things easier to manage on my end and also get search engines to recognize the cdavis.us domain name as the main, instead of phpmp.com. It still seems most search engine spider this site using phpmp.com as their url. I really want to end that without loosing what rankings I have. I got a lot more yet to do to get it there, but tonight I started by modifying all my DNS entries making wholesale changes across the board. As long as I didn’t goof anything up everything should continue to work as normal. But if the site disappears off the face of the Internet, it was probably a typo on my behalf.

Now that the initial changes have been made, I’m going to start reading up on 301 redirects.