Color me impressed

I’m actually creating this entry on Linux. Big deal you say!?! How about the fact that I’m also wireless on my laptop? Still no? Alright, how about the fact that this a live cd based Linux? I knew that would impress you.

You don’t know what live cd means? Well, it’s a distribution of Linux that runs entirely from CD. There is nothing installed on the hard drive. I’ve used live cd’s before but only on desktop systems.

In comes Knoppix 3.4, released only days ago, this is a distro that continues to amaze. Their may be other live cd’s that work as well, or maybe even better, but this is the first one I’ve ever tried on my laptop with a wireless connection. It just works. It’s amazing.

A live cd is a great way to try Linux without even touching your Windows install.

I’ve got some screenshots up to show a little what Knoppix 3.4 looks like.