Shrek 2

We finally got around to watching it this past week. What a blast. I would even have to say it was one of the best sequels ever made. Too many times sequels try to re-do all the same gags from the original. This movie had a completely new and original story with lots of new, great laughs. Quality animantion, the hairball scene was remarkably realistic.

Movie Thoughts: Stuck On You

Boy, I was hyped about this movie. I love Farley Brother movies, but ultimately I was let down. The scenes that looked really funny in previews, were really not that funny. The movie has a good story line but I think it fell short on telling it.

It’s no Dumb & Dumber, which for me, is an all time classic movie.

Dickie Roberts – Former Child Star

This really turned out to be a pretty funny movie. The scenes where he’s learning to ride a bike had us rolling. However the best part of the movies is probably the end credits with the ‘we are the world’ spoof using all the now old child actors from real shows. I can’t believe Marsha Brady dropped an F-Bomb!

What is Blockbuster thinking?

I’m sure by now, everyone has seen Blockbusters latest advertising campaign. Stating ‘pay as you go’ starting at $2.99 a night and $1.00 each night after. They make it sound like the best deal ever.

Well, I got news for you, that isn�t a deal. We have a video store in our town, and I’m fairly certain they are a national chain, that rents all video’s and DVD’s, including new releases for .99� for 5 days. And you know what? They’re always busy, they’re even busier now that blockbusters is trying to rip everyone off.

Ok, rant mode: off.