Using Windows Command Line To Prepare A Hard Disk

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  • Launch the Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Enter the command line disk partitioning utility
    • Type: diskpart
  • Show all available disks
    • Type: list disk
  • Now you need to select the disk you want to prepare. WARNING: SELECTING THE WRONG DISK CANNOT CAUSE DATA LOSS!
    • Type: select disk (disk #)
  • Remove all current parition information AND any data
    • Type: clean
  • Create the new partition
    • Type: create partition primary
  • Only do this next step if you want to the drive to be bootable
    • Type: active
  • Format the drive with either FAT32 or NTFS
    • Type: format fs=ntfs quick or format fs=fat32 quick
  • Assign it a drive letter
    • Type: assign