Updating Mediawiki

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My method for upgrading the mediawiki software for this and other sites I use it on.

  • Rename the wiki dir to something else
mv wiki wiki.save
  • Untar the new archive
tar -xvzf mediawiki-1.29.0.tar.gz
  • rename mediawiki folder to wiki
mv mediawiki* wiki
  • Copy back the LocalSettings.php
cp wiki.save/LocalSettings.php wiki
  • Copy back my extensions
cp -R wiki.save/extensions/* wiki/extensions/
  • Copy all uploaded files
cp -R wiki.save/images/* wiki/images/
  • Custom Skins
    • cdavis wiki
cp -R wiki.save/skins/cavendish wiki/skins
cp wiki.save/skins/cavendish.* wiki/skins
  • Run the update script
php wiki/maintenance/update.php