Save money on your satellite TV bill

Disclaimer: If you choose to follow this tip and end up getting your DirecTV service turned off, don’t blame me. I’m just sharing my experience.

A few months ago we decided to cancel our satellite service and go with a basic cable package to save some cash. Well, DirecTV instead put my account on hold in case I changed my mind down the road. This weekend I decided that I wanted the service canceled for good.

I called the customer service number found on the statement and told the first person I wanted to close the account. He asked why, and I told him because I moved to a cheaper service. He said, Ok, and that he was going to transfer me to a disconnect service specialist(at this point I was thinking I was in for some AOL retention techniques, but that never happened). The next rep to answer asked me the same question, why do I want to cancel. I told him, because I moved to a cheaper service. He said Ok, but would we be able to keep you as a customer if we lowered your base package price from $49/month to $39/month? I wasn’t expecting that, and I was initially tempted to say ‘heck yeah’, but it is still more than we are paying for our basic cable package and declined. At that point he said, Ok and closed my account per my request.

Anyone out there want to try this and see what happens for them?