#pizzahut #fail then #pizzahut #redemption

I thought I’d save myself the trouble of preparing supper tonight by ordering a pizza. Though I wouldn’t normally order from the Hut, Pizza Hut has a new pizza called the Big Italy that looked interesting and caught my attention. Being of the technical age, I went ahead and ordered online via their website. I chose carryout, because I am cheap and this saves me the delivery fee and tip, plus I get the pizza sooner. The order was placed at 5:42 and would be ready to pickup at 5:58. I arrived to pick up the pizza about 5:55. There was one person there in front of me when I arrived who was speaking with a clerk when I walked in. After he was done, the clerk left the counter and headed out on a delivery. The other guy behind the counter was taking phone orders. I stood there for 10 minutes before I was acknowledged by anyone. I was becoming annoyed and I figured my pizza was sitting in the back somewhere getting stale. Finally, an employee who looked like he was just arriving at work took over the counter and asked who was next. It was me! I told him my name and he took the $12.66 I owed for my Big Italy pizza and then disappeared in to the back. I was confused, by this time I ordered my pizza 30 minutes ago. The guy taking phone orders was telling everyone they were under staffed this evening and behind schedule. I was told nothing. I then realized, my pizza hasn’t even been started yet. Now I was really annoyed, because they had no issue taking my money, but never told me that my pizza was extremely behind schedule. After about 10 more minutes, the guy who took my money, came back out to the counter and apologized for the delays and gave me and the other guy who was waiting 2 free pizza coupons each for the inconveniences. Ha, they redeemed themselves!

So I eventually got my pizza and it was pretty tasty. I just wish something was said earlier, instead of allowing me to stand there wondering what is going on. Plus, during this whole time, I had my kids in the car. But in the end, the employee did the right thing by compensating me for the inconvenience, so I’m no longer going to hold this experience against them.