Opening an HP ProBook 4530s

Recently I had to deploy a brand new HP ProBook 4530s to a customer. But first I had to add more memory. When I flipped it over, I was concerned to not see any screws or access panels that I could remove. After a quick google search, I learned that pretty much the whole bottom comes off to open up a lot of the components. I thought this was pretty nice, so I created this quick video to demonstrate the procedure to remove this panel. Once removed, you have easy access to memory, hard drive and the wireless card.

My Firefox extensions are borked!

Last night I installed the Google Notebook Firefox extension and now none of my extensions work. I uninstalled the notebook extension and my originals still didn’t work. I uninstalled all of my extensions and then reinstalled my important ones and still they wouldn’t work. Thanks Google! Now I’m off to research fixing extensions in Firefox, like I had nothing better to do.