Firefox 2 Tip: Change Tab Close Button Location

I’m posting this information I came across on Lifehacker because the close button on the tabs is somewhat of a complaint of mine with FF2. However I’m choosing to try to get used to it, but it’s really nice to now that I can change it to what I’m familiar with if it remains fustrating.
[via lifehacker]

Tab close buttons

Fx 2 only: Another tab interface change in Firefox 2 is the addition of a close button on each individual tab. I happen to love this, but some hate it, saying it causes them to accidentally close a tab when just trying to switch to it. If you’re a hater, revert to the Firefox 1.5 behavior by changing the browser.tabs.closeButtons value to 3. This will not display close tabs on individual tabs, and turn on a single close tab at the right end of the tab bar.

  • Type: about:config in the address bar
  • Key: browser.tabs.closeButtons
  • Modified Value: 3 (revert to Firefox 1.5 behavior)
  • Alternate Modified Value: 2 (don’t display any close tab buttons)
  • Default: 1 (display close buttons on all tabs)