My Nexus 5 is on the way

I received the email last night from Google that my Nexus 5 has shipped. Oh my, I guess I’m really doing this now. I’ll be honest though, since Ting announced that the iPhone 5 can now be activated on their network, I had serious thoughts to cancel my Google order and instead order me a compatible Sprint iPhone. But I didn’t, and soon I will be rocking a 32GB red Nexus 5. I already have the sim card and a case for the Nexus anyways, so I’m going to give this Android phone thing an honest go. But what’s awesome is if I don’t care for it, it’s nice to know I can stay with Ting, and go back to the iPhone 5.

Good News! Ting will be supporting iPhone 5 soon.

I have two driving reasons for moving to an Android based phone, but the absolute main reason was that I am sick of paying $100+ a month for something I really to don’t use that much. That’s what attracted me to‘s pay for what you use model. Based on my past three months usage on Verizon, my bill at Ting will be about $40/month. That is significant savings! So I wanted to switch to Ting sooner than later. However at the time I ordered my Nexus 5, the only iPhones that could be activated with Ting were 4’s and 4S’s. There was no way I would go backwards. I would be content, for now, to keep an iPhone 5 and having the better rates of Ting.

Well, as my luck would have it, Ting has announced that compatible iPhone 5’s will be able to activate on their service starting March 11th 2014. Even though I shelled out the cash for the Nexus 5, I’m still happy about this news. It means if I hate the Android experience, I can get me a compatible iPhone 5 and go back to what I know and like AND get the cost savings of Ting service.