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It’s been awhile since I’ve written about the photo group I’m trying to start in my town, so I figure it’s time for an update.

It’s taken 7 months, but it’s finally starting to come together. We have our monthly meeting tonight, and by my calculations of members I’ve spoken with or emailed, there should be at least 4 there. To me this is huge, and I’m really excited about it. I’ve moved the meeting location from a small coffee shop to conference room at a local library which should make it tons easier to have more people in the future.

Last month we had our first group photo outing, which was fun. 3 members showed up and we walked portions of Pets(Petrifying Springs park) snapping away. Hopefully tonight we will plan the next one.

Another portion of the group that I’m happy to see starting to take off is our members photo gallery. One of the benefits of being an official member, is getting an account to upload and display pictures at one of our websites. I’m a little nervous as we grow because the server that houses the photo gallery is starting to get maxed out on space. The good news is I have another server I’m prepping to take its place. Just need to save up for a couple more large hard drives!

Which segways me into another area of our group, which is merchandise. We have an official PhotoKenosha online store thanks to the wonderful service of Cafepress! I just got a couple of shirts and a coffee mug and they look great.

It’s been a lot of working getting it to this point and I don’t think it will ever get easier, but I am having fun and have already met quite a few other local photography enthusiasts, which makes it all worth it.

Canon offers to repair/replace faulty 20D battery Grips

I have this battery grip and haven’t experienced the issues it’s suppose to have. However my serial number falls in the range of affected units, so I should follow through and get it replaced/repaired in case it something that could show down the road.

Canon USA has announced that customers with the Battery Grip BG-E2 used with the EOS 20D and 20Da, and a certain serial number range can return their grip/magazine for a free repair/replacement. This is due to a cases where even with fully charged batteries (exclusive battery pack or NiMH battery) or unused AA size batteries, only a few shots can be taken or ‘bc’ is displayed immediately.

Click here for more information or call 1-800-828-4040

Release notes:

Battery Grip BG-E2 and Battery Magazine BGM-E2

– Battery Grip BG-E2
Serial Number 000001 – 096000

– Battery Magazine BGM-E2
Old type products

via: dpreview

Photographing Fireworks

If you’re planning to photograph any fireworks this holiday, do yourself a favor and do a little research before you head out. Following some simple guidelines will help increase your keeper rate.

Always use a tripod. Capturing the light trails of an aerial display requires long exposure times. Long exposure times require camera support to ensure sharp exposures. Whether you’re using film or a digital camera, bring a sturdy tripod.

More at NYIP

His expression says it all…..Youch!

This morning we went down to the lakefront for an event called Celebrate Kenosha. We were down there shortly after it kicked off, so they’re really wasn’t much going on yet. We did get to see the fly-over and we wanted to hang out long enough catch on of the lumberjack shows. I didn’t take as many pictures as I should of while we were there, but I did take quite a few during the lumberjack show. This picture shows the facial express of the lumberjack from the north as he hits to log.


Whole gallery

Look at that sunset

I finally made the trek to Pewaukee for the monthly Milwaukee Photography Meetup, and it was well worth it. I’ve been wanting to go for the last two months, but something has always gotten in the way. And it’s over an hour drive to get there. But now that I’ve gone once, it will be easier to go again now that I now exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there.

The plans where to walk to the Pewaukee Lake lakefront for sunset shots, so we headed over there a little after 8pm with our camera’s and tripods. When we got there it was still fairly overcast and hazy. It wasn’t looking good for us. But we stuck it out and just kept waiting. Then slowly the skys started turning colors and became more magnificent as dusk wore on.

All my unprocessed shots can be seen here:

Sunet over Pewaukee Lake