Joe Gibbs Racing Switches To Toyotas For 2008

Wow, is about all I can think when I heard this. I’ve been hearing the rumors for the last two weeks but it is now official. I find it shocking to see such a high profile team making this switch so early in Toyota’s Nascar existence. I think 2008 is going to be one interesting season because of this. I personally have no issues with Toyota in Nascar, but would it expect it to take a few years for them to become consistently competitive. This either means JGR is going to figure out the Toyotas and be the first to victory lane with one, or Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch are going to have a very unflattering season. Only time will tell.

Finally, a Nascar podcast.

I was looking through the iTunes podcast directory this weekend and came across a Nascar podcast. It’s called Nascarzone and is hosted by Corey Costelloe, who is a radio guy from Bakersfield, CA. There’s only been 3 episodes so far, so I listened to them all. They seem to run about 45 minutes.

It’s a pretty good podcast covering all the major Nascar series. If you need a midweek Nascar fix, subscribe to the feed.

This is significant for me, as I really wanted to do a Nascar podcast and even recorded a couple of shows back in January, but never released them. I just couldn’t find the time to commit to such a project. I’ve been waiting for someone start one and I’m pretty happy with the one that’s out there.

Update: Another one: Fantasy Racing Network ( I haven’t listened to any of these yet, so I can’t report on the quality/content of the show.