Hmmmmm, Couldn’t have been easier

If you haven’t heard yet, WordPress 2.0 has just been released. Being the soul that I am(NOT), I went ahead and upgraded. It went very smooth, but then again I have a fairly out-of-the-box install with only a different theme and a couple of plug-ins. The theme and plug-ins all appear to work fine after the upgrade as well. Also, to make sure the upgrade went good, I also followed the upgrade instructions step by step.

So far I like it I guess. The only thing I don’t like is the rich editor for creating entries. Fortunately it can be turned off in ‘Options’. I’ll keep looking around for new things to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’.

Now that you’ve read this, go upgrade!!!

They found me…

Well, it’s taken 6 months, but the spammers have finally realized I use wordpress. I’ve been deleting comments for the last two days, probably well over a hundred by now. Such a pity….

I had to disable comments while I look for a solution. Please bear with me….

More tedious work complete

For some reason, when I converted from my home brewed blog to using wordpress, a lot of(probably more than 50%) of my old entries got tagged with a post date of May 13th 2003. To this day I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t happy with it. The problem was how was I suppose to know when I actually posted an entry?

Well, through the magic of the Internet Archive, I painstakenly went through those archived screenshots and cross referenced all posts prior to May 13th and modified there date here to match them to when they were actually posted. It took many hours and my eyes were killing me when I was done, but I’m extremely happy I did it. It means all posts are now accurate. I even fixed a lot of broken links while I was going through all those old entries.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it initially, so huraahhh for the Wayback Machine!

WordPress RSS times fixed in latest release??

To me, one of the biggest annoyances of wordpress feeds was the fact the post times in the RSS feeds never matched the actual post times. What that would mean is that when my aggregator would update, new entries from sites that use wordpress would always be buried pretty far down the list.

Now since I’ve updated this blog, I’ve noticed in my reader that my entries actually appear with the right times and appear in the appropriate order with other sites that have updated. This makes Chad very happy!

Please, wordpress users, perform this simple update!

Not all upgrades went smoothly, but are complete

I went ahead made sure all software for my sites were up to date last night. The blog upgrades went really well. However, upgrading my wiki wasn’t the most fun. After upgrading it from mediawiki 1.4.2 to 1.4.5, I was getting an undefined function error that was preventing the wiki from loading. This server is running RH 7.3 and php is only at version 4.1.3. Turns out that in one of the last releases of mediawiki they use a new function that is only available in php 4.2.0 and above. I was a little bummed at first because there is no way I’m updating php. So I decided to get a little adventurous and went in to the code and found the referenced function and commented out that line. It looked like it was something that was used for debugging anyways. Much to my surprise after commenting out that line the site worked perfectly.

I’m only weeks away from a major server upgrade where these issues should go away for a couple of years. [praying that sarge is actually released next week!]

What’s going on?????

All of a sudden, if I visit my site using firefox, none of my posts are showing up. However, if I use IE, everything looks fine.

Can anyone report to me what they’re seeing??

Here’s a screenshot of what my site looks like in Firefox right now.
Where's my posts?

Update: Well, I’m finally at home and using my computer with Ubuntu and using Firefox the site loads fine. Hmmmm, maybe something with Firefox on my laptop. I’m going to head downstairs and try on that computer.

Update 2: Well, it was something with Firefox on my laptop. I went through one by one clearing stuff and it wasn’t until I cleared all the cookies that the site showed up again. Weird.

Please update your bookmarks/aggregators

I was looking through the logs this morning and still noticed a lot of requests of this site are being pulled from While I do have redirectors in place and RSS should still be delivered using the old URL, that will someday change.

I will not be renewing the domain this year, so some time in August I will expect compatibilty to break.

Official site URL:
Official Feed URL:

New theme…

As you may of noticed, unless of course, you’re strictly an RSS reader of this site, that I installed a new theme. I really like this one. It’s more my style …simple… I’ve done a little tweaking on it and may do a slight bit more, but I’m very happy with it.

I found it via Blogging Pro, which I found via the WP Dashboard. Blogging Pro trys to keep up with available themes, so go check it out if your interested in a new WP theme.