Netgear RND4000-100NAS ReadyNAS NV+ 4-Bay Desktop Network Storage

A little pricey at $849.99 with no disks, but really looks interesting. Netgear RND4000-100NAS ReadyNAS NV+ 4-Bay Desktop Network Storage (No Disk): Electronics

  • Desktop Network Storage Device offers an easy-to-configure and cost-effective way to store data and stream digital media
  • Ultra-compact box has four empty bays (no disk), and is designed to fit easily on your desktop
  • Hardware-accelerated RAID and X-RAID technologies combine for a simpler, more secure way to protect and store your data
  • Advanced-server monitoring features alert you via email when something is amiss; it even shuts itself down if the operating temperatures of the disks are too high

Mopeds making a comeback?

Back when I was in high school, I owned a Honda Spree. I also had a car, but I rode the moped whenever I could. There was actually quite a few of us who rode mopeds, we were almost like a little moped gang. But over the recent years, I haven’t seen a lot of mopeds on the road like there was when I was in high school. Maybe kids nowadays are just ‘too cool’ for them. Hey, we were cool. We even souped them up to get more speed out them.

I’m starting to think that mopeds will be making a comeback. Just today I seen multiple mopeds in our parking lot. It makes sense, with gas prices being what they are. Anyone else noticing more on the roads?