Opting out of the Verizon Super Cookie

I recently went back to Verizon, and while listening to an episode of DTNS they mentioned how all Verizon customers are automatically opted in to their advertising program with a Unique Identifier Header, or super cookie. But they mentioned users can opt out of the program. While I believe it’s wrong to beĀ  in the program automatically, at least there is a way to get out of it. That sent me on a google search to find the procedure. There certainly were plenty of hits for searching ‘opt out Verizon super cookie’, but they all linked to a VZW page that wouldn’t load for me. So I logged in to my account and search around until I found it.

Here’s the steps I took.

  • Sign in to your VZW account
  • Click on My Account and then Privacy Settings

There I found I was opted in to 3 programs that share my information in various ways. One by one, I changed the setting to Do Not Share and saved my changes.

For me, the direct link to this page is: https://nbillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/secure/setPrivacy.action