Am I going back to an iPhone??

More than likely I am.

I was an iPhone user for years, and switched to a Nexus 5 back in March (when I became a Ting customer). I really like the Nexus 5 and plenty of others things about Android, HOWEVER, I think I am going back to iPhone. This decision has been made easier now that I can go iPhone 5 on ting (wasn’t available when I became a customer).

My phone, more than anything is a tool for my job. And frankly, apps that I rely on for my business simply do not exist in the Android world, and ones that do, act and perform different on Android (in a bad way).

The Nexus 5 is a great phone and I love, love, love the screen size. But for usability (for me and my needs), I think I have to stick with iPhone.

I’ll continue to monitor the state of Android through my Nexus 7, which works perfectly for its use.