Is Bloglines sucking for anyone else today?

I keep clicking on feeds that say they have new entries, but it shows up blank in the main frame as though there really is no new articles. It’s really becoming fustrating. If bloglines isn’t having issues, the only other change is that Firefox updated itself to

Update: 9 hours later and it still isn’t working properly

4 thoughts on “Is Bloglines sucking for anyone else today?”

  1. I’m having the same trouble, though this is an improvement. Earlier this week feeds that I know had been updated weren’t even appearing in the left pane.

  2. AFAIK, they did an update last night, and since then, lots of feeds haven’t been loading (eg. digg, slashdot) that normally have many new posts each hour. I am jonesing for my news!

  3. Same problem here. Last week I was having a problem editing my feeds (moving from folder to folder, etc.). Support fixed that, but when I click on a folder with one feed it only showed the feed headers and not the articles. Last night there was an outage, then today I’m having the same problem as you are, especially with MeFi (Digg and SlashDot work fine for me, though). Also when clipping articles about half the time I was getting a database error earlier in the day.

    It’s definitely not Firefox updates, as the same problems happen for me in IE. I hope they fix it soon; it seems like they have some pretty major problems.

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