Fluffernutter variation – Oh yeah, it’s good!

Fluffernutter, I’ve only learned of this word just last week, and ever since, I’ve been wanting to try one. What is it? Well, simply put, it’s Marshmallow Fluff and Peanut Butter between a couple of slices of bread. Read the wikipedia entry for a little more insight.

Marshmallow Fluff

On the way home from work tonight I had to stop at the store for a few items, so I made a point to look for some Marshmallow Fluff, and to my delight, there it was. The only downside was this was the 16oz. tub and not the smaller 7 1/2oz. jar they also have available. This was more than I really needed, but I wasn’t willing search the city for the smaller portion.

Marshmallow Fluff & Peanut Butter

So after supper tonight, I decided to see what this phenomenon was all about. I went gathering the ingredients, but in our house we never have white bread, and I figured it might not be the best it can be on a multigrain substitute, so I looked for another housing option. Ahh, we have some chocolate graham crackers. I think that might just do the trick.

Chocholate Graham Crackers

As you can see in the picture, I didn’t get too nuts with either the fluff or the peanut butter

Fluffernutter Halves

In the end, this one delectable treat if you’re a fan of the used ingredients! Now to try the Fluffernutter shake as seen on page 13 of the Marshmallow Fluff Yummy Book [PDF].

Completed Fluffernutter Variation

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  1. Hey, that looks pretty good. I don’t believe I’ve ever had chocolate graham crackers. I’d still recommend trying it with white bread (since you have plenty of fluff and peanut butter). Mmm mmm good.

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