Valid reason to look for a new job??

My commute is just not long enough. Ever since I got the iPod and have been back into listening to podcasts, I like to listen to them while driving. Unfortunately I really only drive to and from work(in my own car). For some reason the tape player in our work van doesn’t like the cassette adapter I bought, so I can’t listen while driving the work van.

So yesterday morning, as is typical in my daily routine, I get in the car, plug in the iPod and start a podcast, then start on my way to work. Yesterday I started listening to Technorama. I didn’t get to hear much at all. When I got to work and looked at the play timer, it only took me 3 minutes and 54 seconds to get to work. It almost doesn’t feel worth trying to listen to anything in that short amount of time.

So, yes, I need a new job with a longer commute. Maybe downtown Chicago so my daily commute would total about 4 hours.

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