2005 Goals, How’d I do??

On January 6th of this year I made a list of goals to accomplish throughout the year. Here’s a short review to see how I did.

– Healthier lifestyle. Workout more, eat fast food less
Well, so-so on this one. Not really where I want to be. I do eat fast-food much less, but still don’t really work-out. I did start playing hockey this year, but that only accounts for an hour to hour and a half of good activity per week. I’ll continue this one in to 2006

– More one on one time with kids
This one is tough, because each kid is so demanding. It was a good year with Brandon because he’s getting older and doesn’t require the same amount of baby sitting as his sisters. I really think 2006 will be better overall for all the kids. Believe me, when they’re less annoying, they’re much easier to spend time with!

– Blog more. I want a better picture of my events of a year
Yikes, I failed pretty miserably at this one. There are 2 main reasons for it. My broken laptop and a little game called Tibia. I still don’t have a new laptop, but I do play Tibia a lot less and because of it, I have started blogging again.

– Bye bye Microsoft. Convert server and workstation to Linux. Bring in a Mac for Digital photography. I can’t convert laptop because it’s my companies. Building a kids computer sometime this year.Linux or Windows? I’m thinking Linux!. Wife’s laptop, can she run Linux or is she a slave to Windows. She will have to decide that one on her own.
Here’s one that actually saw a good deal of action. I have in the house now, one Linux server running Debian(it’s hosting this site), I’ve also gotten a computer in the living room for the kids(and me) that is running exclusivity Ubuntu right now. I do still have a Windows SBS2003 server and a XP workstation and the wife still runs XP and I really don’t see that changing anytime soon. I was looking at Mac Mini at the end of the year, but ended up getting an iPod video instead. I don’t regret that decision one bit. Because of it, I’ve been able to start listening to podcasts again. 2006 will be the year a Mac gets in this house though. Just not sure when.

– Better task management. Getting organized. Internal web site, wiki, calendar
Ummm, I don’t even want to talk about this one! :)

– Get Kdawg blogging and/or podcasting
Well, he still doesn’t blog or podcast, so I guess this one marks yet another failure.

Some other low points:
– My job | I have the ‘It’s time to start looking’ bug
– I watched hardly any Nascar this year. All that’s on our frick’n TV is cartoons
– I was sick a lot the first 4 – 5 months of the year
– TechTV got annihilated by G4TV(Comcast)

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Some high points:
– Overall everyone in my family is healthy and doing well
– Even though work kind of sucks, it’s been the best year our company has ever seen
– I started a photography club in my town that’s actually starting to take off. 2006 should really be a fun year with it.

I’m sure there were more low/high points, but ultimately I’m glad the year is over. I look forward to a new year and new opportunities that may lay ahead. And will take all the bumps in the road in stride, just like always! Peace!

Happy New Year——

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