Sorry Bloglines Subscribers

If you’re a reader of this blog through Bloglines, I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that there is some sort of problem. For some reason, Bloglines has my old feed URL associated with the site, and even entering the new feed URL it always defaults back to the original. It’s really a pain and it appears that I haven’t posted any entries since August.

To work around this issue, I’ve gone ahead and reactivated the old URL with redirection in place to get Bloglines updated and I’ve also sent some feedback to Bloglines in hopes to get this resolved and I don’t plan on renewing the old domain this coming year.

For the record, the official site URL is: and the official feed URL is:

Please let me know if you have any issues.

One thought on “Sorry Bloglines Subscribers”

  1. I’ve had friends in similar situations who were not able to redirect properly to the new site location. If possible, the best choice is to do a 301 redirect so that the search engines will eventually merge the two sites as one in their index, but point to the new site. Good luck working that one out if you were using a blog provider’s services.

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