Look at that sunset

I finally made the trek to Pewaukee for the monthly Milwaukee Photography Meetup, and it was well worth it. I’ve been wanting to go for the last two months, but something has always gotten in the way. And it’s over an hour drive to get there. But now that I’ve gone once, it will be easier to go again now that I now exactly where it is and how long it takes to get there.

The plans where to walk to the Pewaukee Lake lakefront for sunset shots, so we headed over there a little after 8pm with our camera’s and tripods. When we got there it was still fairly overcast and hazy. It wasn’t looking good for us. But we stuck it out and just kept waiting. Then slowly the skys started turning colors and became more magnificent as dusk wore on.

All my unprocessed shots can be seen here: http://www.kenoshaphotos.com/chad/06082005/

Sunet over Pewaukee Lake

5 thoughts on “Look at that sunset”

  1. Well, Pete, I don’t think a camera is an absolute necessity to attend. There was someone there who did not bring one. Next month we’re going to be in studio working on lighting for product photography. And yes this all takes place in Pewaukee. Kind of a long haul for me, but was worth it!

    Jim- Thanks! I’m really happy with a lot of those shots. I’m planning on being up early tomorrow for some sunrise shots down at the harbor. I hope the weather is decent and we don’t start getting all the predicted rain!

  2. Thanks Kurt. Yes with the new camera(two months old already!). Shot a f8 in AV mode, ISO 200. I’m having an 8×10 printed of the shot above. That was my favorite.

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