FC4 delayed another week

Well, I really thought this upcoming Monday was going to be a huge day for Linux fanatics. The next release of Debian, codenamed Sarge, and the next Fedora Core, rumored to be named Stentz were both scheduled to be released. Well, Fedora has now been pushed back another week and won’t be released until June 13th. I hope my weekend doesn’t get completely ruined and that the Sarge release stays on track. Even though Ubuntu is completely keeping me satisfied on the desktop, I’m really looking forward to FC4.

3 thoughts on “FC4 delayed another week”

  1. God how I hate RPM based distros, let me count the ways. I’ve heard FC is supposed to have something called “yum” that works “like” apt, however if it’s anything like up2date it’s still a pile of crap. Does it still suffer from the infamous recursive requirements problem? I remember my own personal hell of installing E (0.14!!!) back in the day and each new RPM I tried to install resulted in another 10 RPM’s that the first RPM depended on.

    Mmmmm…. apt-get. Recursively finds packages and installs everything you need. Sorry, all of these Debian posts are making me want to run Debian on my PowerBook (Ha! Crazy thoughts since fink allows me to install and use apt-get on my PowerBook, which, btw, kicks total ass).

  2. Hey you all,

    Fedora Core have “Yum”. This update tool is very superior than apt-get, in my opinion. Find all dependences and install everything is needed. Very simple to use.

  3. I personally can’t say one is better than the other. I’ve been running my RH 7.3 server for many years with no problem whatsoever. When support for it was moved the the fedoralegacy group I was forced to install and use yum if I wanted to keep it up to date. And like I said, no issues to date.

    But the same basically true for Debian. I haven’t used it as much as redhat, but in the time I have used it, I’ve had no problems.

    Just like every other distro, neither is perfect, but both will do the job.

    Right now for me the big concern is the short release cycles of FC. I really don’t want to have to worry about my server being outdated every 6 months. With Debian I’m fairly guaranteed a much longer release cycle.

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