What’s on the agenda for the weekend

Well, if the week never ends(which is how it’s feeling right now), I’ll be fighting MX records problems all weekend while trying to get one of two parties to admit blame. What a load of crap this can be sometimes!

If I do get this issue off of my plate, we have an opportunity to have a good holiday weekend. My wife usually works weekends and holidays, but this weekend she is only working Saturday so we have the potential to have two whole days together. Tomorrow is Brandons third skating lesson. I’ll be able to skate with him this week now that I have skates again. Sunday we some kind of a party to go, I think it’s a baptism party, but I don’t remember. Then Sunday evening is filled with 600 miles of racing action. Too bad that crappy Ryan Newman is on the pole again. Yawn!

As of right now Monday is still wide open to idea’s. I do think I’m going out for some hockey Monday evening though. See how the new pro tacks handle!

Weather will play a big factor in some of our decisions, but right now weather for the weekend looks fairly promising other than some light rain at night. Temperatures looks awesome hoovering between 65 – 70 which is where I like it!