Proud owner of a Canon 20D

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing the photography forums that I frequent, and someone posted about Dell listing almost all their camera equipment for 25% off with no coupons required. It was obviously an error because this made for some really good prices on a lot of otherwise expensive stuff. I thought, what the heck, there was some stuff I wanted, so I put in an order for a 20D, 580EX flash, and a 24-70L lens. I really wanted to add a 70-200 2.8 IS to the cart but that really would of made for a hefty total. Within about an hour of placing the order, the deal was no longer on the website as I’m guessing Dell got flooded with orders.

The discussions on the forums after Dell pulled the deal, turned to questioning whether Dell was going to honor or cancel the orders. A lot of folks called Dell right away, and after talking with sales reps they were told the orders weren’t going to go through and that they would be cancelled. After reading that I decided not to call on my order. If they cancel it, it was fine with me, but I figured I’d just ride it out. About 4 days after placing the order I actually got an order confirmation number, but soon after I got another email stating there was going to be a delay in shipping. What’s that? It sounds to me like this thing is going to go through. After more reading on the forums, some folks actually starting receiving their camera’s.

Then last Friday a package from Dell showed up at my house. I wasn’t the camera, but it was the lens and flash. I thought, cool! Maybe they were going to cancel the camera, but sent out accessories. Still got a great deal on the lens and flash. Now yesterday, I get home, and there sits another box from Dell. I tore into that box mighty quick, and there it was, a brand new Canon 20D DSLR and a 256mb CF card. Holy Cripes!

Fortunately, it uses the same batteries as the 10D so I was able to throw in a fully charged battery and connect a lens take it for a test drive. I make another post later on my inital thoughts on the camera as there are some immediate difference between it and my 10D. But below is a picture of my 20D that I took with my 10D. Used my new Alien Bees(which I’ve never discussed yet) for lighting this picture. I think it’s one of my best product shots yet.

Canon 20D