D00de, You’re Getting A Dell!!

Part of my 2005 agenda was to get a computer put together that will become kind of a family computer, to be placed in the living room for easy access, and so the kids can start getting some experience. Last week I started pricing components to build one. This isn’t going to be a gaming machine or a place to edit digital video, so top of the line was not needed. I couldn’t believe how fast the price rose as I was building this mid-level system.

I decided that I would still need to wait a little longer to finance this project. Well, today while surfing, I came across a Dell deal on gotapex for a Dell Demension 4700 2.8 w/HT and with a 19″ LCD for $549. Wow! So I went ahead and ordered it. Spec wise it’s not the most impressive machine, but it has almost everything I want. The only thing I will add after the fact is more memory and a Dual layer DVD burner.

It’s coming with XP Home edition, but I really don’t care as I have full intentions on running Fedora on it. However, it would have been nice to not have to pay the Microsoft tax at all.

So this complete system with monitor is costing less than $600 delivered. I think it will work out fine for everyone.

Update: Got an email yesterday stating that the thing has been shipped already. Really amazing!

Update 2: Have confirmation from my wife that two Dell boxes were delivered.

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  1. that looks like a really nice price, especially with that size screen. let us know how you get on with it as I’d be very interested in getting one myself.

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