A sincere thanks to Dan

After I converted to WordPress from my home brew blog system, I put the word out looking for help converting all my old entries into something that WordPress could work with.

Dan stepped up to the task , did the conversion and created a nice little SQL file and ended up doing the import. Also some troubleshooting when the file did not want to import at first.

Now thanks to him, all my old entries are part of this site. There are a couple of lingering issues because I use the friendly URL schema of WordPress, but that should all be woked out over the next few days.

Dan, Thank you for your time and effort in helping me. I’m sure my wife is also thankful, since if I would of tackled this project, I would of spent hours and probably never got the desired results.

2 thoughts on “A sincere thanks to Dan”

  1. I’m glad I could help. It was actually kind of fun because I became much more familiar with the WordPress DB schema.

    Plus, WordPress users have to stick together :)

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