Netflix: So far so good

Well, I’m approaching the end of my first month using Netflix and I must admit, I’m fairly happy.

I’ve seen a couple movies that I would never of rented at a traditional video store, such as The Terminal, and Pirates of the Carribean as those movies don’t nomrally peak my interest. Plus it allows my wife to add moives to the queue that she wants to see. Normally I always did the video store stops and never knew what she might want to see, so she was always forced to watch movies I wanted to see. The only problem with her is that she keeps moving the movies she wants to see to the top of the queue so I have to shuffle them up once in awhile.

Stats thus far. In one month we’ve seen 11 movies. That, I’m sure is some sort of record for us. And we have 22 movies in our queue.

One thought on “Netflix: So far so good”

  1. My wife and I alternate… 2 of her movies and 1 of mine, then 2 of my movies and 1 of hers. When we had a teenager in the house, it made it even easier… we each got 1 pick and we just ordered the queue that way. Worked pretty nicely that way… then the teenager turned 18 and now we’re back to the 2-1 bit. :-)


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