Sorry podcasters…

I haven’t listened to a single podcast since Feb 9th 2005. That was the week where I was getting sick and I was down for all of the following week, and it’s still carrying over a little this week. While I was home sick I came to the realizations that there is just no way for me to listen to all of the 20 plus podcasts that I subscribed to. In the process of being sick I went 6 total days without ever touching or even looking at a computer. It was nice and felt good, but when I finally felt well enough to login again and I went to launch Doppler, I think I broke it with podcast overload. In fact it hasn’t worked right since.

Ok, I’m realizing that this post is all over the map and will continue that way, sorry.

So like I said, I subscribed to too many podcasts, so I did some major pruning on my subscription list. I am now down to only 4. But still don’t seem to have the time to listen to them. Being sick has taken a lot of energy away from me. I usually go to bed right after the kids do.

What’s my point? Boy I hope I start getting some motivation back soon. I can’t take this.

OK, I’m going to end this do nowhere entry now. Bye/

One thought on “Sorry podcasters…”

  1. Chad, finally tracked you down. Never got to say thanks for the great logo (Power FM). I see now why you disappeared… flu. Completely understandable. I have had work and a death in the family… don’t post at radiodaddy much anymore. Just do the stuff for hittest on Adam Curry’s podcast.

    You had mentioned some other files or something, (radio daddy had a crash, some posts missing) is that something I still need to get from you? Using the logo on a P2P stream; looks VERY nice. Thanks again!

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